We also wash and santize school and church playgrounds

‚ÄčWe do wind up washing somethings that you would not think that we would be washing. We recently did some restoration work on almost a 200 hundred year old barn under the flooring all the joists and supports.

We also recently washed battery acid from a hundred feet of sidewalks in front of Rockford Federal Courthouse . Caused by a roll over car accident.

This is the inside of a milking cow barn that we wash twice yearly the walls, ceilings and floors to sanitize and clean everything Using Hot water and biodegradable commercial cleaning chemicals

‚ÄčThis is a monumental rock from 1964 at the new foot bridge in downtown Rockford. Was the old railroad tracks and by the rivers dam. We washed this for Rockford Historical Society  to replace the missing plaque  

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